To the owners:

As dog owners ourselves (this is Bruno), we are happy to accept two small or one larger dog in our Loch Long room.

We will require a supplement of £10 to cover the additional cleaning, as we are required to complete a deeper clean following a pet stay.

We would ask that owners are respectful of our terms and conditions and do not allow dogs onto the furniture, as we may have future guests who are allergic to pet hair etc. and please do not leave pets unattended in the guest room. If you require us to supply any bedding or food, please call to discuss your requirements.

To our furry friends:

There are several nice walks you can take with your owners; there is a park with a historic Yew tree avenue, where the Rosneath Highland Games take place; the Gare Loch shore is just a 5 minute walk away to the front of the house, where you can jump in the water if you can stand the cold. We will have towels available for you when you get back so that you can dry your paws.

If you are feeling super fit, there are some good walks up into the hills behind the house too. Keep an eye out for the sheep and remember to be nice as they are your friends.

The garden is big enough for you tear around a little and unwind after your car journey but please make sure that your human collects the unmentionables and disposes of them in the correct bin.

The garden is often frequented by deer, so it is a good idea to make sure that you have had your flea and tick medications before you come.

It is also wise to mention, the garden is not all fenced in, so if you are prone to wandering, you may need to remain on the lead. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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